I'm an Assistant Professor at INSA de Lyon in the FIMI Department, I'm part of the MMCS team at Institut Camille Jordan. I'm also an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of California Merced (currently on leave).
I'm interested in developing new efficient numerical methods for interface problems, especially in electromagnetics and in plasmonics. I work on wave propagation phenomena and related problems, Finite Element-based methods to accurately capture near-fields in plasmonic structures, integral equation methods for close evaluation problems.


camille.carvalho AT insa-lyon dot fr
ccarvalho3 AT ucmerced dot edu


  • Vrushali Bokil (OSU)
  • Anne-Sophie Bonnet BenDhia (POEMS)
  • Lucas Chesnel (DEFI)
  • Patrick Ciarlet (POEMS)
  • Ricardo Cortez (Tulane University)
  • Shilpa Khatri (UCM)
  • Arnold D. Kim (UCM)
  • Zoïs Moitier (KIT)
  • Puttha Sakkaplangkul (IoT Ladkrahang)
  • Claire Scheid (ATLANTIS)
  • Funding provided by